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Simply create windows icon files (.ICO format) by drag-and-drop images on to this program. Actually I wrote this program because I need a simple tool to generate icons, but I haven't found any decent free ones. This program generates down-sampled 32x32, 24x24 and 16x16 levels automatically. It will also generate the 128x128 level if your source image is equal to or larger than 128x128.

System Requirement: .NET Framework 2.0
Download: Version 1.1





A image viewer that can stretch images smoothly. Quite many graphic formats are supported. SmoothView uses special smooth stretch tech, which can zoom from 10% to 400% without zigzags

Download (Zip, 439KB)

Tiny Virtual Piano


Use your keyboard as a piano, and 128 kinds of instruments are ready for you.

Download (Zip, 218KB)